How did we evaluate our Engagement Manager learning program?

My organization can draw a direct link between our investments in training and certification and our project level profitability indicator, Delivery Value Improvement (DVI). When we invest in training we can appreciate a general increase in the financial performance of our projects; conversely, if we slacken our investments their financial performance suffers. That’s why it’s crucial to measure the effectiveness of the learning programs we run.  

how to evauluate a learning programWe do this by using our EvaluateIt model, which is based around a framework of ‘Like it, Know It, Show it, Impact It’. In previous posts, I’ve shown how we applied this model to our talent development and our leadership development programs. Last year we also used EvaluateIt to measure our Engagement Manager Practitioner Curriculum – a program that was designed to drive improvement in productivity.

What was the business issue?
It was two-fold. Firstly, we needed the three communities who make up our team of Engagement Managers to work seamlessly together on client projects. These three groups include our Project Managers, our Service Delivery Managers and our Transition Managers. Secondly, we needed to increase the number of certified Engagement Managers.

What was the learning solution we put into place?
We developed a program based on a mix of e-learning, virtual classroom, face to face and master classes. The curriculum was based on a ‘tree’ model. That means there was a common trunk of knowledge for all three groups, plus three branches – one for each of the groups.

What were the results?
The results, based on our four-level framework, were:

  • Like It: As we migrated to the new learning format, feedback scores from participants increased by 8% (0.4 on a 5 point scale)
  • Know It and Show It: Participants had to prove their newly acquired knowledge by passing a test. Once they had also demonstrated they had applied this new knowledge in their job, they received their certification. The pass rate for Level 1 and 2 Engagement Management certification was 60% for those who had not taken this program. Those who had followed the Engagement Manager Practitioner Curriculum had a pass rate of 81%.
  • Impact It: Between 2013 and the end of 2014, the number of certified Engagement Managers in the organization almost tripled. As a result of investing in this training, we also experienced an increase in the financial performance of the projects they were involved in. One further ‘impact’ was that this program was recognized in 2015 with a Silver Brandon Hall Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy.

What kind of results have you achieved from your learning program evaluation process? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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