How we evaluated our talent development learning program

In my last post, I talked about how we introduced our EvaluateIt model to evaluate the effectiveness of our learning programs. Here’s how we applied it to our talent development program.

evaluting learning programs

What was the business issue?

We needed to improve the performance management and people development skills in new team leaders so that they can help their people to improve their own performance. 

What was the learning solution we put into place?

People Connect is a six-week Facilitated Virtual Learning Journey for team managers, comprising key topics that cover performance and career management, with a focus on the people development of team members. It is delivered via interactive virtual sessions and self-study. Each virtual session is followed by recommended learning resources to deepen participants’ knowledge as well as practical assignments that complete the learning journey

EvaluateItWhat were the results?

EvaluateIt functions as a four-level framework:

Here are the results we got:

  • Like It: 93% of participants said the content of the program was relevant to their role and 86% reported a skill increase between 10-50%.
  • Know It: The participants were given the ability to test the knowledge they had attained during the course. Those who chose to do this passed with a score of over 80%.
  • Show It: 88% of respondents observed positive change in their manager’s competencies. In addition, 23% said that their managers had developed a more encouraging and positive attitude, which helped them perform better in the last three months.
  • Impact It: Every year we run a Global Employee Survey. We found that those who had been on the People Connect program achieved higher scores compared to their previous year’s results and their overall score was even higher when compared to the rest of the organization.

This feedback tells the business owner exactly what they need to know: that the program is achieving significant results in developing talent.

I’d be interested to hear what evaluation process you use to rate the effectiveness of your learning programs and what results you have achieved from it.

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  1. Mahipal

    Very comprehensive and effective approach. I like the measurement via employee survey scores of manager participants.


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