The packaging is every bit as important as the content

In my blog post entitled “It’s WHAT you teach people and HOW you teach them that’s important! I spoke about how crucial it is to present content to learners in a way that engages them. And, in my recent conversation with Christian Kuhna, Future Learning and Learning Campus Strategy at adidas, I discovered that he has also been working on this. Christian explained to me the importance of delivering open, connected learning whether it is via online learning, or in dedicated physical spaces or in the ‘future workplace’.


To improve the experience of its digital learning campus, adidas has taken the MOOC model (Massive Open Online Courses) and is currently transforming all its online content into learning kits. The materials include PowerPoints, TED talk videos, YouTube or Vimeo videos and links to blogs, as well as the course curriculum. “All the learning kits have an open activity feed where learners can connect through conversations, ask questions, share experiences and join the discussion, just like in a MOOC,” explained Christian. source:

He then went on to describe one of adidas’ physical learning spaces, called the Shed: “I created this Shed which is an informal place where people automatically switch into a different, more open mode as soon as they come in. There are curtains, rather than walls, as separators where the workshops take place and then, in the breaks, everyone meets in the learning café, which is always open to everybody. People just love that place. We are transforming our existing learning spaces in all our offices, to create an atmosphere where collaboration and open learning can come to life.”

In line with its philosophy of open, connected, daily learning, adidas is also in the process of transforming its existing office spaces into the workplace of the future. These will have home offices, gaming rooms, and workshops where people can physically build and prototype. Christian concluded by saying, “The principle that we are striving to embed in the workplace is that our ‘learning campus’ should be in every workspace, every office, in every kitchen and in every canteen.”

You can read more of my conversation with Christian Kuhna here.

How does your delivery engage learners within your organisation?

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