My Formula


Build Capability & Community

  • Place critical business questions at the center
  • Engage talent with a vested interest in the question
  • …to GAIN solutions for the business and a community of talent that create meaningful behaviors & content for continuous learning

Collaborate & Align

  • Bring together talent from diverse business backgrounds and expertise
  • Focus them on client and market challenges
  • …to OBTAIN alignment across the organization through effective collaboration

Transform & Grow

  • Build capability & Community
  • Collaborate & Align
  • …to EVOLVE the organization & its people

I started putting this formula into place when I moved from Corporate Strategy to Corporate Learning in 1995, and I am finding it holds through the test of time. The advent of the Digital Age is proving us even greater ways of achieving these goals and accelerating both the results and speed at which we need to transform and grow. Exciting times!


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